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About Us

 We are a professional commercial cleaning experts that take care of all your daily needs for your commercial properties. Free yourself from concerns with dirt, grime and graffiti. Our company takes pride in using the last technology and the best equipment available and the best prices anywhere! Fully licensed and insured in California we are ready to provide you with unparalleled quality   at unbeatable rates for all your requirements.


At All Pro Cleaning we have a commitment with quality and service.

Improve the image of the building. Let us give your business the look your customers want to see!!


At All Pro Cleaning we use the best state of the art equipment and products available combined with the best trained and experience operators to ensure your investment is protected and your tenants feel like they are at home.


Our professional sweepers are designed for big jobs, large buildings, parking lots, our public areas. We take pride in using sweepers that have bigger payload and more suction power for picking up heavier debris while sweeping thousands of squares feet per hour.

Pressure washer

Our high performance and durable pressure washer machines are perfect for those jobs requiring high pressure and high mobility. Our equipment is specially designed to remove moss and mildew removal from sidewalks and decks, graffiti’s from walls, gum and grease from parking lots and more.

Waste water capture

At Pro Cleaning we care about the environment and we also comply regulations. For that reason, our power washer equipment is specially designed to capture and contain wastewater runoff. The durable sump pump and water berms allow easy containment and transfer of excess wash water. Emergency spill containment and recovery available 24 hours per day for all hazards.


Our blowers are the best in the market. We will make sure you building’s surrounding property is fully cleaned from leafs and other scattered unwanted items on your premises.


Your Commercial Cleaning Solution





At All Pro Cleaning we specialize in sweeping services that offer solutions that are customized to your needs in the maintenance of your shopping centers or professional centers. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, All Pro Cleaning can design a program to suit your needs.



Pressure washing is the best method to get rid of the surface dirt, faded paint, mildew and any other materials that over time have being collected on your buildings, parking lots time and equipment. Pressure washing is also the best method to prepare your buildings for repairing, painting or staining. Our state of the art pressure washers removes even the most stubborn gum and stains without damaging the underlying concrete and other surfaces.



To add value to your facilities is the very important to have a reliable and professional porter. At All Pro Cleaning we are specialists in provide our customers with prompt, reliable and courteous service providers for grounds cleaning, litter control and removal, light bulb replacement, heavy trash removal, gutter cleaning, storm clean up, restrooms cleaning maintenance, lobby, kitchen, cafeteria and other areas.



When it comes to graffiti removal All Pro Cleaning is the solution. We use products that are custom formulated for the safe and effective removal of graffiti from the most “delicate” surfaces to the most stubborn and most difficult, including removals on fragile “porous” surfaces. Repainting offered as required.


At All Pro Cleaning we have a commitment with quality and service.


Our Work

graffiti removal


Since staring as a family cleaning business in 1998, our dedication and a professional approach to servicing the needs and requirements of our valued customers has a positioned All Pro Cleaning as the Number One company in the Central Valley and Northern California areas for their maintenance needs. Our low overhead business model   guarantees that you will get better service at significantly lower cost.


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